Many actors have come forward with shady stories of the 'casting couch' and some things they are propositioned while auditioning for roles. Many saying they were asked to perform sexual favors in order to get coveted roles. Two recent people to step forward are superstars Gwenyth Paltrow and Megan Fox.

When approached about the issue, many entertainment experts and insiders refused to even comment on the subject. Many alleged cases of this, yet no-one is willing to discuss it with anyone in the media.

"Actors don’t name names for several reasons. Many times it is because they want to move on from that unpleasant experience, or perhaps they succumbed to it, or the ‘perpetrator’ was so huge that they do not want to defame that person because they think highly of their work,” Los Angeles-based celebrity psychologist, Dr. Nancy Irwin, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Others don’t want to be labeled a ‘snitch’ or feel nobody will believe them because it is such a cliché. Sadly, the cliché does perpetuate, probably because the creative process in and of itself can be a seductive process, and the temptation is non-stop in Hollywood.”

Suzannah Galland, a Hollywood based career strategist, stated that she hears many horror stories from top actresses. These victims don't name names out of fear.