I have been a dog lover for my whole life. Even before social media when we all realized that we all have an obsession with dogs. Haha

So, naturally, I don't buy into the fact that dogs are just "pets," they truly are apart of the family. There are few things that compare to the sickening feeling you get when you come home and realize your dog is missings. That's why we wanted to highlight a few dogs from the "Amarillo Pet Lost and Found" Facebook page.

1.) "Please help find Nova she has puppies who need her back home. Missing from Western and McCormick. She has a red collar on she's has never ran away. I am thinking someone may have picked her up. Please call 206-1230"

2.) A very nice lady found this sweet girl and wasn’t able to foster her any longer and was going to take her to the pound. If anyone wants to give this sweet girl a home please message me! I have two dogs of my own so I cannot keep her I just wanted to give her a chance instead of getting put down at the pound 😕. She’s very sweet and good with other dogs. Not sure if she has owners because she is very skinny and has a few wounds like she’s been out a while.

3. "Found near grand without collar on Thursday afternoon"

4. "Missing from tradewinds and farmers area. Got out last night. He hasn’t gotten out in a long time now, but when he does, he usually comes right back home. The other dog came home, this one hasn’t. His name is Sparky and we are worried about him. He looks pit, but he is the size of a Great Dane. Very lovable. Please keep an eye out for him and if you see/seen him, please let us know."

5. "Found these 2 dogs on 34th and ross osage!! Very calm one male one female message me if they are yours!!"

6. "Our puppy got out this morning!!!! Help us find him, he's not wearing a collar. I worried he's going to get run over. His name is River, we live at the Canyons apartment complex, 45th, and Western. Please help!"

If you would like to see more missing dogs or report one of your own click here.