We had to get more information about a viral video that surfaced of a man, by the name of Dave Moore, criticizing pilot truck stop for not flying the American Flag.

In the linked video below, he claims that Pilot refuses to fly the American flag at their place of business because it offends foreigners and Pilot does not want to lose their business.

We took a trip out to pilot to verify his claim. We talked to management and said they are in the process of getting the pole fixed. "We put a work order in to get the pole fixed." the member of management explained.

They wanted to stay anonymous because of the harassment they have received since the video was posted. "None of the claims in the video is true. I have talked to each member of the team and they said they did not mention anything to that man in regards to the flagpole. The claim is completely false."

We did notice as we pulled into the Gas station that there were two American flags at the entrance of the business.

Credit: D.B. Nyce, Townsquare Media
Credit: D.B. Nyce, Townsquare Media

Jack Logan, a local businessman, and Veteran posted a video explaining his experience with Pilot. He said that an employee saw his hat and said to him, "Thank you for your service." He talked to the management team and they walked him out and showed him how the pole was broken. "The pole is electric and they showed me where it was broken. They were very nice to me," he said. "I'm a local business owner and it's terrible that some guy who wanted fame is doing this to a business in our city."

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