The Before and After: Martin Road Lake
Around 2 years ago the city of Amarillo, started the project of fixing our water drainage problem. The big flooding that happens when it rains too much, so that problem had to be fixed. Martin Road lake was on the list.
Crazy Amarillo Flooding
If you didn't float away over the last 2 days, you are one of the lucky ones! Heavy storms brought a lot of rain to Amarillo on Friday and Saturday night.
Flooding in Amarillo May Impact Your Drive this Morning
Amarillo has gotten a lot of rain this year.  It has been a great year!  We have been in a drought for so long we don't know how to handle all this awesome rain.  Amarillo received 1 to 2 inches of rain last night and it is causing flooding around the city and with more rain expected tonight you mig…

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