Melissa Bartlett

How Good It Is To Be A Slacker For Martha's Home
Are you a slacker? I mean face it could you actually be one? In the year 2020 I can honestly say there may be nothing better. This year has been one for the books and if slacking is all you have left I would say that is OK. It will even be encouraged.
Another Scam And This One Involves Your Home
We try to look for any way to save money when it comes to home ownership. Oh and if you have ever bought a home you know how expensive it can be. You start with all the inspections that it will need and don't forget the closing costs.
Canyon Chamber Chow Down A No Go In 2020
It's turning out that a list of what actually is still happening event wise in 2020 should be the way to go. Most everything is being postponed. I get it. Too much uncertainty and with all the months and months of planning it is something you need to get ahead of.
Fill The Boot In Amarillo Needs Your Help Now
You know the familiar site. You are driving down 34th Street or and busy intersection in Amarillo and you see those recognizable firefighters looking for your help. It is around this time every year that they look to Fill the Boot.

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