Melissa Bartlett

Amarillo's High Noon On The Square A No Go For 2020
The Potter County Courthouse has been the location for High Noon on the Square for years and years. In fact they celebrated their 25th year last summer. To say it has been a mainstay for many here in Amarillo would be an understatement.
806 Health Tip: Breakfast Really Is An Important Meal
As you were growing up I know you have heard your mom tell you to eat breakfast. You can't leave for school without something in your stomach. You know to this day that she was right. Do you still find yourself skipping that most important meal though?
New Southern Cooking Restaurant Coming To Amarillo
It's been awhile since we had news of a new place coming to Amarillo. I mean with all of this covid-19 stuff talks of that had slowed down a bit. So when I saw a post on the Amarillo Restaurant Review page I got a bit excited and had to see what this place was about.
A New Store Coming To Amarillo On Soncy?
So the other day I was just driving down Soncy and minding my own business. I had plans to stop by Kohl's then many grab my dog, Chipper, something from PetSmart. When out of my eye I saw this banner.
Another Email Scam In Amarillo
There have been a lot of scams going around. Why people take the time to create such issues. Especially because I feel most of them shouldn't be fallen for. Maybe it is because some of the time people actually fall victim.
Amarillo Restaurant Review: Butterlove Biscuits
This restaurant has always been on my list of have to tries. I have had samples at events and knew those were great. I just never had a chance to stop in and eat. I have made plans but they always seemed to fall through.

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