Melissa Bartlett

The Big Cheese Happening This Year With Some Changes
We love us some mac n cheese. It is a staple from the time you are a kid and you grow up eating it a lot. It's one of those foods you do not get tired of, ever. The great thing is there are so many ways you can change up the recipe. That is where The Big Cheese comes in to show us how even bett…
Don't Go To Market Street For Gas Right Now
I left the radio station yesterday and had to make a stop at Walgreens on Georgia to pick up a prescription. I looked at my gas gage and saw I had 130 miles until empty. Since I would be right by Market Street I would stop and get gas. Why not?
More Snow Than Usual For Amarillo This Season
We can always use the moisture. No matter what the form of it is. I would prefer the rain over the snow. That is because here in Amarillo it is hardly ever just snow. We usually have the killer winds to go with it. Oh and more often than not we have the ice as well.
Amarillo Zoo Euthanized A Longtime Loved Tiger
Sometimes the stories you read are just sad. We can’t avoid bad news even though we want to do just that. I found this as I was scrolling on Facebook over the weekend. This news came from the Amarillo Zoo’s Facebook page:
Canyon Family Awarded SUV From Chauncey’s Automotive
Such a great thing that we at Townsquare Media get to be a part of at this time of year. It’s our annual Miracle on 34th Street Giveaway. We started taking nominations back in November. Then the hard part came. The great folks at Chauncey’s had a team together to help award a winner.
Holiday Cheer And Chic-fil-A Deals In Amarillo
We all are getting in the Christmas spirit. We are making our lists and checking it twice. We are making sure we have our Christmas cards ready to go. There is so much that goes into this time of year. We have to buy gifts, wrap them, decorate the house, ship out presents for relatives out of town. …

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