Kanye West dominated headlines over the weekend with his announcement that he is going to be running for the office of President of the United States. After my eyes got done rolling, I started thinking about which legendary rockers I wish would run for office.

Even though they would all pass on the opportunity, a guy can dream right?

Alice Cooper

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Want someone who is devout in their faith and is morally conservative? Look no further than Alice Cooper. The godfather of Shock Rock is a devout Christian. No having to worry about embarrassing scandals with him in office. Plus, he's got the golfing chops needed for the office. If we've learned anything over the past several administrations, it's that presidents need to golf.

Dee Snider

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Dee Snider is intelligent, and very well spoken. Also, who can forget the time he took on the PRMC. The video of his testimony speaks for itself. I could see myself casting a vote for Dee. He has a stellar career on and off stage. Dee's a brilliant guy I could see myself marking a ballot for.

Ted Nugent

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Ted Nugent. The Motor City Madman. I would pay good money to watch Ted in a sleeveless shirt on stage at a national debate. Plus, instead of hearing complaints about how the President is always golfing, they would complain that he's always off in the mountains somewhere hunting. The start of every hunting season would become a national holiday. A stimulus package under Ted Nugent would probably contain elk meat.

Axl Rose

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You think anyone would mess with us with Axl in office? Hell no. Fall in line, North Korea. You want someone who is tough diplomatically? Just read through Axl's Tweets. Get your act together, China. Plus, there's all of the people he's punched. The only problem is making sure he's on time for press events.

Paul Stanley

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If we were to vote Paul Stanley in, you would have to think that Gene would get a spot in the cabinet. Think of the merchandising. Our economy needs a boost, and who better to get it on track than the minds behind one of the best marketed bands in the history of music. Plus, press events would go from boring slogs of rehearsed talking points to costumed spectacles complete with pyrotechnics. Count me in.

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