Summer is a fun time of year.  However, summer also means hot temperatures.  So what do you do when you want to cool off in Amarillo?  Here are five ways to cool off in the Amarillo Summer heat.


1. Go jump in one of the great local pools we have in our area.

2. Go take a spin on the scrambler or Himalaya at Wonderland Park

3. Stop by one of the local farmer's markets in Amarillo and Canyon, pick up a fresh off the vine Watermelon.  Ice it down, cut it up and enjoy

4. Stop by one of the great places in town and get a big 'ol giant iced tea.

5.  Head out and splash around on one of the 13 Splash pads in Amarillo.

So don't burn up this summer.  Find a way to cool down from the summer heat by trying out one of these five things.  However, you can always find your own ways to cool down.

What are some of the ways you cool off in Amarillo in the Summer time?