One Texas city has made the list of "sweatiest" cities in the United States.According to a report by Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of cooling systems, these are the cities in America that sweats the most.

1. Charlotte, N.C.
2. Raleigh, N.C.
3. St. Louis, Mo.
4. Austin, Texas
5. Richmond, Va.
6. Miami, Fla.
7. Minneapolis, Minn.
8. Orlando, Fla.
9. Tampa, Fla.
10. Kansas City, Mo.

When you have high temperatures, factor in the humidity and you get sweat.

The heat index or humiture or humidex temperature is the temperature felt by the skin rather than the actual temperature due to the humidity level. In hot temperature, the human body normally will sweat and heat is removed from the evaporation of the sweat.  For example, when the temperature is 90 ° with 70% relative humidity, the heat index is 106 °F. For people who have to work outdoors, heat index is important.  The National Weather Service actually has published the effects of heat index:

80-91 Degrees:  fatigue is possible with prolonged exposure and activity. Continuing activity could result in heat cramps

90-105 Degrees: heat cramps and heat exhaustion are possible. Continuing activity could result in heat stroke.

105-130 Degrees:  heat cramps and heat exhaustion are likely; heat stroke is probable with continued activity.

Over 130:  heat stroke is imminent.

Drink lots of water and stay safe!