You know the saying, everything is bigger in Texas. Well, when it comes to this "modern ranch," the old saying has never been truer. The opulent home is located at 1355 Wendy Lane in Lucas, Texas, a northeastern suburb of Dallas. If you can pony up the $12 million asking price, it can be all yours.

The lavish property is featured on Acquisto Real Estate which specializes in showing off huge, expensive, and luxurious homes. This home lists 7 bedrooms, 6.5+ bathrooms, and the main house is 8,141 square feet. The details include a 3 part foundation, one million pounds of Colorado Rock and Ipe wood, whatever that means.

Along with having more rooms than you could possibly imagine, the expansive property also features a guest house for your friends and family who are staying over, stick mother-in-law in the guest property.

The outdoor space features multiple water features including a thinking pond, waterfall, and pool. This is the first time I have ever thought I needed to own a thinking pond, but sign me up.

Oh, and do you have a lot of vehicles you want to keep in the garage? Then you will love the luxury 27 car barn. Yeah, enough room to store even the biggest of car collections.

Check out the listing in the photos below from Acquisto Real Estate

Texas Sized Modern Ranch